Great chefs know that one key ingredient can make the difference between a good dish and an extraordinary dish. Maybe it’s sourced from a very specific region, or it’s a secret addition at the last minute that elevates all the flavors perfectly. They simply couldn’t imagine cooking without it.

In many ways, financial planning is like creating a recipe — a personalized set of steps that come together as a successful financial future. When we get to know our clients, there’s one important ingredient we think makes the difference between a one-size-fits-all financial strategy and one that truly fits your life, your needs, and your hopes for the future.

It’s the ingredient we look for as we learn about what matters most to you. It’s the reason we spend time getting to know you first.

That special ingredient is your goals.

“Our clients’ personal goals drive everything we do,” says Dennis Covington, CFP®, CEO of Capital Directions. “Their goals inform the kind of advice we give, they help shape the financial strategy we recommend, and they guide us along the way as we measure progress — whether it’s something a few months or years out, or something much more long-term.”

Our clients’ goals are as unique as they are — and listening is the only way to really learn and understand what’s most important to them. Maybe it’s preparing for retirement early, or making sure their children’s education is well funded. Maybe there’s been a major life event, like a divorce or the death of a spouse, and it’s time to create some new goals for a different future.

“It’s all about getting our clients where they want to be,” says Covington. “Ultimately that could be a number, or a year, or a life milestone, but we look at the broader picture and ask what it will take to get there.”

What are some of your goals? Where would you like to be financially? Let’s talk.