Retirement Plan Services

Without the proper guidance, offering an employer-sponsored retirement plan can be challenging. With Capital Directions, you’ll have an expert team that will inspire confidence in achieving your participants’ retirement goals.

Our Retirement Plan Services feature three distinct advantages:

A Focus on Participant Success

For the average participant, saving for retirement can be a difficult thing. We make it easier by providing access to a range of “do-it-for-me” investment strategies, as well as full flexibility for those who want to take a more hands-on approach.

Prudent Fiduciary Governance

The Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires that plan sponsors follow a prudent, well-documented process. In today’s litigious environment, our expertise in protecting you from fiduciary liability is more important than ever.

Low Cost

Through our use of institutional mutual funds, we are able to deliver a robust retirement plan solution for less than the average retail platform.

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