Our Philosophy

In order to lead our clients to a better way, we keep our focus on three key principles:

Clients Come First

In all that we do, we put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Whether you’re an individual investor, an employer offering a retirement plan, a foundation, or an independent investment advisor, your needs will be our priority.

The Journey Begins With a Plan

Achieving your financial goals requires an understanding of where you’ve been and where you want to go, then setting a proper course.

Regardless of your destination, you can be confident that we know the way and will be with you every step to keep you on the right path to fulfilling your plan.

There is a Better Way to Invest

The conventional method of investing has served Wall Street very well, but has not served the investor well.

Rather than searching for the new idea or the hot fund manager the way most firms do, we focus on sound fundamentals from academic research and the science of investing. We understand how markets work and use that knowledge to build broadly and deeply diversified portfolios that weather the ups and downs of an investing lifetime.