Inflation keeps us guessing — but where do we go from here?

Our new Waypoints Series explores how the recent developments surrounding inflation have affected individual investors — and how the team at Capital Directions is helping clients navigate these uncertain times.

With 12-month inflation in March running at 8.5% — the highest since December 1981 — we’re all feeling the pinch at the gas pump, at the grocery store checkout, and when we click to make online orders and purchases at home.

With no measurable relief in sight, it’s easy to see why individual investors and anyone planning for their financial future might be nervous.

“What makes inflation particularly challenging is not only the pressure it puts on our budgets today, but also the uncertainty of it all going forward — how it impacts our future planning, our long-term priorities, and to what degree we feel we can weather the storm,” says Terry Hartigan CFP®, Managing Director, Private Wealth.

The current focus on inflation is just one of the many pieces of the financial puzzle that Capital Directions looks at each day. Click here to learn more about how our team is helping clients navigate the uncertainty and plot a more steady course for their financial future.