Leading You to a Better Way.

Our Core Belief

There is a better way to invest; one that puts you – the client – first, and applies a disciplined philosophy to achieve your financial goals.

Your financial journey begins with a clear roadmap, a customized plan to get you where you want to be.

For over 30 years, we’ve guided clients like you through life’s twists and turns, always providing a steady hand on the wheel.

Wherever you want your journey to lead, you can trust that Capital Directions knows the way.

A Better Way to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Our consultative, client-centric approach is designed to map out your financial goals and lay out a long-term investment plan to get you there.

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A Better Way to Do the 401(k)

Smart investing is critical when your employees’ retirement is at stake. Capital Directions understands the importance of offering a retirement plan that inspires confidence and keeps costs low.

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A Better Way to Run Your RIA

If you’re an independent financial advisor who wants to spend more quality time with clients and less time managing day-to-day administrative tasks, Capital Directions can assist you with a full range of back-office support and portfolio management services.

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Capital Ideas

Second Quarter 2020 Letter to Clients

Second Quarter 2020 Letter to Clients

Vanguard founder John Bogle once famously advised investors on how to handle stock downturns: “Don’t just do something,” he said. “Stand there!” It is a wry and wise way of turning the conventional wisdom about what to do in bear markets on its head. When panic grips...

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Why Your College Refund Check May Be Taxable

Why Your College Refund Check May Be Taxable

Michael Bork, CFP® | Associate Advisor Amidst the widespread impacts of COVID-19, the mass closure of colleges, universities and private secondary schools may create some unexpected tax consequences for students and their parents after receiving partial refunds for...

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