Interested CPA Firms

Today, many accounting professionals are evaluating whether to offer investment advisory services to their clients.

The decision is a complex one for CPAs, who have established a trusted relationship with their clients and are well positioned to offer investment services as an additional line of business. At the same time, establishing a successful investment-advisory business requires more than just hanging up a shingle and handing out a brochure, and CPAs must minimize the risks of entering into a new business that might compromise their relationship with a valued client.

That's why accounting professionals need more than a simple investment package to offer their clients. They need a partner who knows how to operate a successful advisory business, an established expert who knows what the issues are that lie ahead and can help the CPA navigate them successfully.

CPAs also need a partner who knows what it takes to manage the human side of the investment process -- establishing confidence, communicating effectively, and managing expectations.

We offer this partnership through Capital Directions Advisor Services. We are established investment advisors with years of experience in the industry who, like you, are committed to providing quality service -- not products -- to our clients. We developed Advisor Services to be a comprehensive service program, providing everything you need to operate a successful investment advisory practice.

At the same time, we are not seeking to offer a program that will be all things to all people. Our program is built around investment principles in which we strongly believe, and we are seeking partners who share our commitment to those principles.

In short, we are seeking to partner with accounting professionals who want more than just a suite of services; they want a relationship with a trusted advisor as well.  

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